IAGS Blog is being Re-launched

IAGS Blog is being Re-launched

I am pleased to announce the re-launching of the IAGS blog.  The blog is intended as an important venue for sharing information, viewpoints, and insights concerning genocide and related crimes against humanity.   As a community of scholars, jurists, practitioners, and students it is important to engage in sustained dialogue as we seek a deeper understanding of genocides both past and present, and at the same time explore strategies for genocide prevention.

Topics might include recent scholarship in the field of genocide studies, or news of developments in areas where genocidal violence is occurring.  As the number of memorials and other sites of memory continue to grow, the blog can also serve as a space to share information and commentary about those sites. The blog can serve as a space for commentary on conferences recently attended or other events relating to genocide and mass violence.  The blog is also an ideal platform for bringing to the attention of members films and recent studies.  I, along with other scholars, am working on how genocides are framed and reported in the media; it would be useful to hear from others who share this interest.

Contributions are encouraged from all members.  Contributions from students are especially welcome.  Contributions from non-members will be considered as well.

As the new blog administrator I will be working with a team actively soliciting posts from members and hope to be posting your commentary in a timely fashion and on a regular basis.  Please send your posts to me at [email protected]. And please include a brief bio that I can include along with your post.

Guidelines for submitting posts are available at http://www.genocidescholars.org/news/iags-blog-rules.  


James Snow Ph.D.

 Loyola University Maryland