Mentor Program

Dear IAGS Members,

The Executive Board, in partnership with Genocide Studies and Prevention, is pleased to announce a mentor program for emerging scholars. In its early stages, the mentor program will focus on assisting emerging scholars (i.e., students in graduate (M.A. and Ph.D.) programs who intend to work in genocide studies; post-doctoral researchers; unwaged Ph.Ds, and recently-graduated scholars who are within the first three years of their first professional position.*) with advice on preparing a specific piece of work for publication. The manuscript in question should be of regular journal length and at a stage where it is very near ready for publication -- manuscripts that are underdeveloped or in a very rough state may be denied access to the mentoring program until they are revised. With this email we are seeking the following

1) Volunteers among the group of established scholars who are willing to work with an emerging scholar in readying a journal article or book chapter for publication. Please send us your name, contact information, areas of expertise, and the languages you are able to work in. You will not be asked to work with more than one emerging scholar per year, unless you specifically state your willingness to do so. If you receive a manuscript that you feel is not yet ready for mentoring, you may request it be returned to the emerging scholar for further revision.

2) Emerging scholars who would like advice from an established scholar to help ready a journal article or book chapter for publication. Along with your name and contact information, please send an abstract for the specific piece for which you would like to be mentored and the language in which you prefer to mentored. We will do our best to accommodate your request, but we are dependent on the availability of a suitable mentor.

Genocide Studies and Prevention will also refer journal submissions to this program when they receive articles that show promise, but require further polishing before being sent off to peer review. Publication in Genocide Studies and Prevention is not guaranteed through this program. This is a volunteer-based program solely designed to build helping networks between established and emerging IAGS scholars – it is not available to non-members.

Please send all information toAndrew Woolford, IAGS President, [email protected]

*Note: The definition of emerging scholar used for this program is drawn from the 2013 Mentoring and Emerging Scholar Ad Hoc committee report.


The IAGS Executive Board