CfP: Comparative Analysis of 20th Century Genocides

Submissions of articles are invited for a special issue of GSP from the IAGS 2015 Yerevan Conference. Articles may be on any aspect of genocide and genocidal violence, but must adopt a comparative approach of two or more genocides, or events of collective violence, of the 20th Century. This may include any genocide of the 20th Century, such as but not limited to, the Armenian Genocide, the Holocaust, Bosnia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Rwanda, Darfur, Guatemala, or Argentina. GSP is a multi- and inter-disciplinary journal, so we welcome comparative analysis from any field of research. Comparisons may take a broad or a narrow approach, from the structure of the genocide process to individual experiences.

Submission must be received by 31 October 2015. Publication will be in 2016. Submissions must be submitted online through the GSP website at and must adhere to the GSP formatting guidelines available on the website.