Letter from Prof. Schabas

Dear Members,

Several months ago, the Executive proposed that we begin discussions with the International Network of Genocide Scholars with a view to bringing our organization and theirs together. Our members were consulted and the Executive concluded that there was broad support for proceeding to explore this matter. Members of our Association expressed a range of concerns, including the status of the journal and of the resolutions adopted by IAGS in the past, and these issues were very much in our minds during talks with colleagues from the other organization. After initial exchanges, it became clear that there were not any insurmountable obstacles to a merger of the two bodies and that agreement on the major issues could be reached.

However, the leadership of the International Network of Genocide Scholars has now decided to suspend these discussions. We cannot take this further at this point. The Executive of the International Association of Genocide Scholars remains committed to the principle that a unified organization of genocide scholars is better than two, and that past divisions and interpersonal conflicts should be set aside in the interest of advancing our critical field of study. It seems desirable to us that the conversation between the two organizations about a merger should continue, but this will have to wait until both sides are ready and willing. In the meantime, we have much to look forward to including our upcoming conference.

Best wishes, and I hope to see you all in Buenos Aires in July.

William Schabas