Message from the incoming Executive Board, 2013-2015

July 17, 2013
Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the new IAGS Executive Board, we would like to convey our greetings and appreciation for our election. We’re happy to report that the state of the IAGS is strong as we enter the 2013-15 term. The financial situation is stable, due to the great achievements of the previous Board.
The IAGS is now a truly international association. The members of the Executive Board come from five continents (North America, South America, Africa, Europe and Oceania). This representation is also reflected in our membership, which, as of the time of writing, stands at 380 and counting, with members representing 35 countries in the five continents. However, we know our main goal for this term will be to increase our membership in Africa and Asia, regions which are clearly under-represented.
Furthermore, over 200 participants from around the world participated in the proceedings of the 10th biennial of IAGS. We observed a clear increase in our membership, which is now younger than ever. As well, in Siena there was an amazing richness in the varying topics of the conference, a variety of disciplinary backgrounds (from law to sociology, anthropology, political sciences, philosophy, history, psychology and the arts), and a variety of historical cases, approaches and themes. Thanks to the efforts of Marcello Flores and his team, the 2013-2015 term got off to a quick start in Siena.
For those who were unable to make it, we look forward to seeing you in July 2014 at our next conference organized in collaboration with the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada. The focus of the conference will be "Time, Movement, and Space: Genocide Studies and Indigenous Peoples.” We hope for the same level of participation and quality as during the past conference.
On an equally important note, the next issue of Genocide Studies and Prevention: An International Journal is now in press with its first online edition.  The journal will be now accessible all over the world for free, so it can be read and used extensively. In the meantime, the Journal Transition Committee (JTC), which is overseeing the publication of the first free online issue, has issued an Open Call for New Editors for the journal. The new Editorial Team will reflect the international composition of our Association. We hope this team will be ready to take the leadership of our journal at the beginning of next year.
The Executive Board will continue to be in regular communication with you. Indeed, we will recreate an IAGS Newsletter, where the membership will be able to share some briefs about the news in our field.  Rafiki Ubaldo, our Media and Communications Coordinator, will share the updates very soon.
Please, feel free to let us know any suggestions and/or opinion you have for a better IAGS in general and our current work in particular. We wish you a fruitful year and we will keep in touch.

Best wishes,

Daniel, Donna, Andrew, Borislava, and Rafiki