Press Release: 10th International Conference of the IAGS

PRESS RELEASE: 10th International Conference of the International Association of Genocide Scholars

On June 19, 2013, the Chancellor of the University of Siena, Angelo Riccaboni; an officer for the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Italy; Professor Marcello Flores of the University of Siena; and Professor Alexander Hinton, outgoing President of the International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS), officially opened the 10th biennial conference of the IAGS.

Professor Hinton (Rutgers University, USA) remarked that "the objectives of IAGS in the past two years have been the global outreach and the inclusion of emerging scholars, and both have been achieved.¨ The newly elected Executive Board, with members from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Croatia and Rwanda will strengthen these efforts.

Adama Dieng, the United Nations Special Advisor for the Prevention of Genocide, gave the keynote speech of the official opening session. He paid tribute to scholars of genocide studies, stressing that his office is constantly learning from them. Furthermore, he expressed his hope for the universal ratification of the United Nations Genocide Convention.

Professor Daniel Feierstein (Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, Argentina), the new President of the IAGS between 2013- and 2015, noted that ¨for the first time, IAGS President comes from the global south. It  demonstrates that genocide is not simply a phenomenon that occurs in the South and is studied in the North. The South has a vital contribution to make in our understanding of genocide."

After thanking all the candidates and congratulating those elected, Professor Adam Jones (University of British Columbia, Canada), the chair of the Nominations Committee for this year’s elections, declared that voter participation was robust. “And the results reflected the international diversity of our organization's membership”, Professor Jones concluded.


President: Daniel Feierstein (Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, Argentina)
1st Vice-President: Donna-Lee Frieze (Deakin University, Australia)
2nd Vice-President: Andrew Woolford (University of Manitoba, Canada)
Secretary-Treasurer: Borislava Manojlovic (Croatia/George Mason University, USA)
New Media & Communications: Rafiki Ubaldo (Rwanda/Sweden)


Melanie O'Brien (Griffith University, Australia)
Uğur Ümit Üngör (University of Utrecht, Netherlands)
Hannibal Travis (Florida International University, USA)
Ernesto Verdeja (University of Notre Dame, USA)
James Waller (Keene State College, USA)
Lior Zylberman (Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, Argentina)

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